Sunday, April 26, 2020

Sample Symbol Analysis Essay

Sample Symbol Analysis EssaySample Symbol Analysis Essay or SYE is a part of the Standardization, Information Retrieval, and Text Analysis unit of College Board's SAT Subject Tests. This essay must be taken at least two weeks before the test day. The SyE has three parts, each section may have several questions and it must be completed within one month.An English discussion sample that can be used for this test is Kaplan's ABC's English (A) book for young readers. You must work through the chapters in that book to complete this sample. You will find at the end of the book that there are multiple choice questions you will have to answer. It is best to take this question set early, sometime in February or March for the test date in May.The test is more analytical than the English Discussion book and is more like a laboratory test, so you will need to know how to study the material well. The first part is an essay on how you can best represent the topic of the essay. It consists of three parts and you should complete all three parts.The first part is called the J-PLL or topic key and includes a definition of the topic and four or five examples of the topic. The second part is called the PRQ and it contains six examples of the topic, a discussion of your examples and a summary of your examples. This last part is probably the most difficult of the entire sample, as it is very direct.The third part is the EK and it is a single paragraph that can be presented in many ways. The only guidelines are that it should express your points clearly and that it should be one sentence long.The final part of the sample is the SYE. This part includes a comparison of yourself to some of the responses given by other students. It uses vocabulary questions and sentences from the discussion and one long paragraph. The last part also requires that you write a short paragraph to answer the average point that has been asked about your text.Take these three sections at least two weeks before the test. This is the only way to be sure that you have reviewed all of the syllabus material. The topic analysis is one of the most important components of the SAT. Even if you do not take the test for the SyE, it can help you make up your mind about what area you want to take the SAT.

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