Sunday, May 17, 2020

Edgar Allan Poe and Robert Burns Understood Yearning for More

Yearning For More Yearning is such a simple word. Or so we believe it to be. Edgar Allan Poe and Robert Burns are two people who would understand this word to its exact definition. Poe and Burns always wanted more out of life than what they had. They desired to be more, to have more. Often these desires were so unattainable it led to melancholy. Poe and Burns are very similar in that they yearn for a better life and for a love they won’t ever find. Edgar Allan Poe was not exactly a simple man to say the least, there were many tragic events within his life that influenced the man he was to become. Poe lost both parents by the age of three, which as you can imagine the loss of one parent would be hard on a child of any age, but to lose†¦show more content†¦Burns had many disappointing love affairs while married to Jean, he had many relationships he thought was the loves of his life and wrote many poems of them. Which leads to his poem â€Å"A Red, Red Rose†. Edgar Allan Poe’s writings much resembles his childhood love. Poe wrote â€Å"To Helen† about his first love Jane Stanard when she passed away. She believed in him and changed not only his life but his way of thinking by acting as his saving grace. In the first stanza Poe tells how â€Å"Helen† compares to the beautiful open sea and ships bringing home a wanderer. In the second stanza he is explaining how he was a lost man before he met her and had no hope for life. Poe also is explaining how â€Å"Helens† views changed how he thought and felt not only about himself but of the world. In the third stanza he is telling all about Helens beauty and how it takes his breath away, â€Å"How statue-like I see thee stand†(line12), with Helen he finally feels at home Robert Burns wrote â€Å"A Red, Red Rose† to describe just how deep his love is for this woman he is writing about. He feels as if this is not a short time love, it is a love that will last forever. His willing to do anything to prove his love for this woman. In the first stanza he is describing how this love is new, exciting, and wonderful the same we feel when we see the first red rose bloom in the spring, when it is first coming alive. In the second stanza he is talking about how deeply his

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